Oak Beam Lamps & Candlesticks



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The Oak beams used in the making of the new beam lamps are mostly over ten years old.  Even air drying for this length of time means they are cracked and some have had woodworm which has been treated by microwave or insecticide. Large elements of wood 150mm plus will have cracked on drying and will continue to move when it’s environment changes. Where this could be detrimental the wood it is reinforced with heavy Oak pegs. 

Designs are based on old architectural elements, Greek vessels, Georgian knife boxes, 19th & 20th century industrial components and even beehives. The lamps are finished with plain or coloured wax polish after being sealed or the grain opened and treated with liming wax. Fuming and other techniques are use to help simulate age, sometimes scorching and burning is used. With the industrial range metallic finishes are applied using impregnated paint and then oxidised with various chemicals. The lamps come wired with gold plastic flex  but you can opt to have fabric flex in gold, brown,black or white although there will be an additional charge.

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candle Sticks

The twists shown here are are based on old barley twist designs of the 16thC and earlier. They are hand turned and carved then finished as any of my other work. Most of my work is based on traditional designs, well I am old and have seen modern designs come and go but there is still a market for traditional and period pieces.